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Don't lose your good heart Date: Jan 11th @ 6:07pm EST
One day the old man saw a snake dying in the fire, and decided to pull it out of the flames. When he did this, the snake bit him, causing unbearable pain. He threw the snake away, and it fell back into the fire
Then the old man grabbed a metal pole, pulled the snake out of the flames and saved her life
One of the students who had been watching this addressed him respectfully
"Father, this snake bit you, why are you still trying to save it?»
The elder replied: "the nature of reptiles is to bite, but this should not change my nature-to help."
Don't change your identity just because someone has hurt you.
Don't lose your good heart, but learn to take precautions.
Parable: Pupils, camels and the wall. Date: Jan 10th @ 3:52pm EST
There was a Teacher, to whom two came and asked to become his students. He agreed, telling them that he had taken them with a three-month probationary period. For ninety days, the Master did not give them assignments, did not conduct conversations with them, and did not invite them to meetings. When the trial period expired, he called them into the yard and said: - I want you to go out of the gate; there are camels. Let each of you take one camel by the bridle and, having crossed the wall, drag the camel through it. The first student said: “Master, I heard what is said: use your mind.” My mind tells me that this is impossible, and my intuition tells me that you gave me this task to check whether I have common sense or not. “So, you will not try to drag a camel over the wall?” “I will not, Master, and may it not look like disobedience.” Then the Master turned to the second student: - And what will you answer? Without saying a word, the student went out of the gate, and headed for the camels. He took the bridle and, bringing the camel to the wall, tried to climb it, but nothing came of it, since he held the bridle in his hand. “Enough,” said the Master, “return the animal to its place and return.” After a few minutes, they, all three, stood in the courtyard, and the Master said: “Everyone knows that the Path requires a variety of abilities from a walker. This includes the mind and common sense, and obedience and more. Obedience is just as important as intelligence and common sense. Everyone who has tried to teach someone something knows that people prefer to use their intellect and sense of common sense instead of obedience, thus violating the balance of these three qualities. Most people think that finding a witty way out is preferable to doing what they say to you, although in fact none of these things are more important than others. Now we can find intellectuals everywhere, but where to get people who are able to obey? So, the first student did not pass the test, because he gives too much importance to intelligence. The second will remain with me, since he did not fall into the temptation of the evidence that cuts us off from our abilities, the Master turned to the second student and asked him why he tried to do the impossible. He answered: “I knew that you know that this is impossible, so there was no harm in obedience, since I saw what it was leading to.” I felt like saying, “This is impossible. I won’t try because of common sense ”it was easiest. Everyone has enough common sense to give up obedience. So I thought you were checking if I could obey and give up easy decisions.
Pollution Date: Jan 8th @ 1:55pm EST
Man has been trying to make his life easier for many centuries. In doing so, he invented machines and instruments. They have been working - and polluting the world we live in.

In this world around us, there are two things that do not belong to any one country: air and ocean water. In both the air and the water, there is much pollution. People are concerned about the air and the water used by everyone, and they are also concerned about the future of the Earth.

One of the most important pollution problems is in the oceans. Many ships sail in the ocean water - fishing ships, some ships carrying people, some carrying oil. If a ship loses some of the oil in the water, or trash from the ships is put into the ocean, the water becomes dirty. Many birds and fish die because of the polluted water. Many fish are dying in the sea, others are getting contaminated. Fishermen catch contaminated fish which may be sold in markets and people may get sick from eating them. Fish may also move to another part of the ocean. Lakes and rivers are getting polluted, too. Some beaches are considered dangerous for swimming.

The second important problem is air pollution. Cars and factories pollute the air we use. It also destroys the ozone layer which protects the Earth from the dangerous light of the Sun.

Another problem is that our forests are dying from acid rain. This, in turn, affects the balance of nature.

If we want our chi1ldren to live in the same world we live in, or in a better and healthier world, we must learn to protect the water, the air and the earth from pollution.
Animals in South America Date: Jan 7th @ 1:47pm EST
South America is famous for its wild animals. There are many kinds. We saw some of them. We drove to the jungle in the north of Brazil. We were really lucky. We walked very quietly and we saw a jaguar. It is a kind of South American cheetah. It was beautiful and very fast. I was really scared. I think Jaguars like eating hedgehogs!

Then we went by boat up the Amazon river in the east of Brazil. It is the biggest river in South America. We saw alligators there. They were three metres long, fast and have big teeth! They are like crocodiles. We didn’t stay there long. We didn’t know. Maybe alligators like eating hedgehogs too!

In Brazil we took a helicopter to the desert. There we met an unusual animal: an armadillo. Armadillos aren’t very big but they are very strong. They have got a â€~house’ on their backs like a tortoise. Armadillos don’t eat hedgehogs â€" they eat insects!

The last animal we saw in the forest in Brazil was a vampire bat. It was small and slow but … Heeeeelp! Do you know the story of Dracula? He met a vampire bat. It drank his blo0od. We didn’t stay long in that forest
hello pretty world! Date: Dec 31st @ 11:12pm EST
hi guys! i am new here! and i hope u support me in my first day here
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